GREASE MANAGEMENT (Fat, Oil and Grease)

Wastewater from commercial kitchens maybe contaminated with FOG (fat, oil and grease). The introduction of FOG and food solids into the general drainage/sewage system (either main sewage network or private treatment facilities) is detrimental to its proper function and has been shown to be a significant cause of blockages, restrictions and so increasing flood risk. So it is essential that well designed Grease Management system is installed by catering establishments, food processing facilities and any other locations where there is a need to protect the drainage system from blocking up due to FOG’s solidifying. 

At Defluo we offer a consultative approach in dealing with your FOG concerns. We offer a full on site survey where we highlight areas of concern and propose and implement solutions.

Our work does not stop there. We then will support your business by providing material to record daily FOG logs and a maintenance programme for your business to follow.

This is why a number of major high street restaurant chains depend on our experience to manage their FOG solution.

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