Drainage Services

Are you looking for reliable drainage services in the UK? Partner with us today and enjoy immediate and effective drainage support.

Here at Defluo, we are the plumbing and drainage specialists you can trust. With years of experience in offering blocked drain solutions and dealing with drainage systems of all kinds, we can solve your pipe problems, no problem!

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial drainage solutions, our dedicated team of experts can help you.

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Owing to our rich experience with pipe drainage, we are unlikely to find a problem we have not seen before. So, whatever the size, style, or structure of your drains, call our team of experts and we can assist you. 


Whether you’re a business owner looking for commercial drainage solutions or a homeowner seeking drainage unblocking services, we can provide a drainage solution safely and efficiently. Ensuring minimal disruption to your home or business, our engineers are all trained to be mindful of their working environment and to operate as quickly as possible. So, you can rest assured that we can get the job done with speed and without hassle.


We offer the following services for both residential and commercial drainage systems:  


  • Emergency drain clearing
  • Blocked drain solutions
  • Toilet unblocking 
  • Mains drains services 
  • Gutters & downpipe services 
  • Root removal
  • Manhole maintenance, and more.

We also specialise in CCTV drainage surveys on all manner of scales, as well as more commercial services such as grease management.

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