Our plumbing engineers worked with Savers to prevent contaminated water from entering the store and causing a safety hazard. The problematic leaking pipes in question had an unknown source. So, to remedy the problem, our drainage engineers had to excavate the existing water supply in a pedestrian area. We identified the root of the problem with our plumbing leak detection services and then replaced the pipe with an MDPE replacement.

Water Quality Issues

  • Contaminated water entering store
  • Environmental Health involvement
  • Potential health issues
  • Unknown route of supply pipe
  • Excavated existing water supply pipe in pedestrian area
  • Identified leaking lead service pipe
  • Excavated entire length of service pipe

Solutions and Recommendations

  • Entire service pipe replaced with MDPE replacement
  • Excavation re-instated
  • Potable water supply restored to building
  • Entire installation completed to current regulations and to the satisfaction of Enforcing Authorities