Union Jack Club

The Problem

Defluo were approached by sites management to investigate the condition of nine vertical stack pipes due to impending refurbishment to connect full bathrooms to pipework which had previously been dedicated hand wash only sink stacks but that had never been maintained since the building was constructed in 1975.  A drainage CCTV survey of the stacks was undertaken and footage captured of the stacks from the 26th floor down to the basement. The condition of the pipework was found to be heavily scaled to the point the CCTV unit could not even pass through the pipes.

The Solution

Defluo undertook full electro mechanical clean of all 9 stacks from 26th floor to basement while working around a challenging fully functioning hotel environment.  Access points were cut into the pipes to allow works to be completed and the scale was removed from the pipework to ensure the lines downstream were not affected by the scale.

Once the stack cleaning project was completed the drainage connections were made and the newly installed bathrooms were opened for use by site.  Please see below after pictures of the internal bore of the pipework once works were completed.   


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